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NETZSCH Acquires GABO to Become the Leader in Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

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Today, NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH announced the acquisition of GABO QUALIMETER Testanlagen GmbH.   The GABO QUALIMETER Testanlagen GmbH, located in Ahlden, Germany, is a worldwide leading manufacturer of high force dynamic mechanical thermal analyzers (DMA/DMTA). Their...   >> mehr

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GABO QUALIMETER manufactures the worldwide largest product line of DMTA/DMA instruments and dynamic test equipment for dynamical forces up to 8000 N. The modular conception permits their upgrade to comparative dynamic mechanic dielectric analysis (DMA/DEA) instruments....   >> mehr


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The new DiPLEXOR series and the patented MPAS Multi Purpose Sample Supply System for automatic measurements.   Our new DiPLEXOR  comparative DMA/DEA systems perform simultaneous dynamic mechanic and dielectric material analyses under varying mechanical loads for...   >> mehr

GABO ACADEMY – Inspirations, Experiences, practical concepts

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At the GABO-ACADEMY engaged operators, technicians and scientists working in dynamic-mechanic-thermal analysis meet with DMTA-experts of GABO. It is open for all interested persons and users interested in GABO DMTA systems, their operation and fields of...   >> mehr