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GABO ACADEMY – Inspirations, Experiences, practical concepts


At the GABO-ACADEMY engaged operators, technicians and scientists working in dynamic-mechanic-thermal analysis meet with DMTA-experts of GABO. It is open for all interested persons and users interested in GABO DMTA systems, their operation and fields of application.




The efficient and pinpointed usage of EPLEXOR® systems is a desire of all operators. The GABO-ACADEMY intensifies the exchange of relevant knowledge and experiences to gain a sound understanding of the underlying principles of operation, the installed technology and the applied methodology within  two day courses. 


The DMTA seminars are of differing focus and held for groups up to 8 participants. Beginners get trained in the Practical Seminar in the experimental work with the EPLEXOR® systems enabling their self-reliant work. The Technical Seminar is designated for operators with interest in the measurement technique and hardware. The Methodology Seminar highlights the scientific background additionally.


The realization of dedicated customer experiments in close cooperation with them is also within the scope of the GABO-Academy. The supply of the hardware, the implementation of the associated algorithms to the EPLEXOR 8 software environment and the required training of the users is offered.


The two-day seminars are offered quarterly at the GABO-location in Ahlden, Germany at a rate of EUR 1600,- per participant. Accommodation, meals and all transfers between hotel and training site are included. On request these seminars can be held at any time at the customer`s location, too.


Nähere Informationen und Teilnahmereservierungen:

Dr. H. Deckmann (05164/8019-18)

Dr. H. Mucha (05164/8019-13)


Seminar offers


Practical Seminar

The experimental testing options of EPLEXOR® systems are demonstrated and correlated handling techniques are imparted. This seminar is most beneficial to customers who want their new employees get trained on the EPLEXOR® system to take over their future tasks immediately.


Technical Seminar

Participants with basic experiences in DMTA usage have an opportunity to gain atechnical/methodical base and to collect practical experiences in order to solve complicated DMTA tasks in a pinpointed and self-reliant way. DMTA system operators/ and users are the main target group of this technical seminar.


Methodology Seminar

Fundamentals and dedicated methods used as options by EPLEXOR® systems are introduced and experimentally proven. Mastering Hysteresis analyses, predictive testing and harmonic analyses are examples of subjects dealt with in practice and theoretically. This seminar is directed primarily to engaged users and material scientists.



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