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Nearly all materials can be analysed mechanically with the instrument series of NETZSCH GABO Instruments GmbH. Application fields are research, development and quality control.

A wide range of mechanical properties is required for the different fields of applications and different classes of materials.

The requirements to the mechanical properties of the used materials are quite different. In order to develop modern passenger car tires the knowledge about the high frequency behaviour up to 100 kHz and higher is absolutely important. For a truck tire it is of importance to optimise the heat build-up and to keep its value as low as possible, in order to aim a high durability. Another kind of requirements has to be realised for polymer materials, for example in the sport and building industries or in the seal technology. To this belongs particularly the fatigue or long-term stability (relaxation: ageing) which plays a decisive role at seals or bridge bearings.

Other requirements have to be considered for parachute cords and climbing ropes or plastic materials with a large surface like high performance sails, for instants. Here, the creep properties or the material flow must be suppressed. Here, the incline to the flow must be optimised (creep, retardation).

As last example the mechanical properties of foodstuffs are specified. For instance, the shelf-life of cakes, bread, pasta (relaxation processes) or the consistency and toughness of jelly babies and chocolate (complex modulus) must be controlled regularly during industrial processing. So-called “fingerprints” in the quality control give a prompt information over continuous material behaviour.