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Measurements of visco-elastic material properties depending on temperature, frequency and mechanical load


The testing instruments of the EPLEXOR® series enable the mechanical characterisation of a wide range of different materials:

From elastomers and polymers, composites, metals, glasses, ceramics, biomaterials and foods to adhesives, synthetic plastic materials and liquids.


The method of dynamic mechanical spectroscopy (DMA/DMTS or DMTS) uses forced mechanical vibrations for the deformation of the specimens. The samples can be tested in the modes tension, compression, bending and shear. This instrument series fulfil the standards of


- DIN 53513

- ISO 6721/1

- ISO 6721/4

- ISO 6721/5

- ISO 6721/6

- ISO 4664

- ASTM D 4065

- ASTM D 4473


11 EPLEXOR® systems with different maximum forces and strains are available. Extensive accessories of sample holders and an Autosampler (ASSS) are likewise available. The Autosampler upgrades an EPLEXOR® system to a fully automatic dynamic testing instrument.