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Welcome on the website of GABO QUALIMETER


GABO QUALIMETER Testanlagen GmbH is a modern family owned and independent German company. We are a worldwide leading manufacturer of dynamic mechanical thermal analyzers (DMA instruments, DMTA Instruments)  with more than 40 years of product know how in dynamic mechanical analysis and application experience. Our  wide range of various sample holders including immersion test geometries are designed to apply with our basic dynamic mechanical analyzers, our high load DMTA  instruments  and our ultra high load DMA instruments and Fatigue testers. These DMA analyzers can be equipped  with Humidity generators to create customized humidity levels and atmospheres , and with dielectric analyzers (DEA). Flexometers  and fatigue testing machines completes our mechanical testing instrument  line.


In addition Gabo Qualimeter provides useful accessories like Autosamplers for our DMA instruments, for our tackiness testers and for our  dynamic mechanical  analyzers  designated for Quality control applications (QC instruments). Our testing laboratory offers contract testing, our GABO ACADEMY provides an educational training service in the field of dynamic mechanical spectroscopy.

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GABO QUALIMETER manufactures the worldwide largest product line of DMTA/DMA instruments and dynamic test equipment for dynamical forces up to 8000 N. The modular conception permits their upgrade to comparative dynamic mechanic dielectric analysis (DMA/DEA) instruments. Furthermore optional DMTA autosamplers allow high utilization rates due to their self-sustaining, fully automated 24 h operation. Flexometer and Tackiness tester extend the product line of GABO QUALIMETER.


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Ahlden, Germany 16.10.2013


The new DiPLEXOR series and the patented MPAS Multi Purpose Sample Supply System for automatic measurements.   Our new DiPLEXOR  comparative DMA/DEA systems perform simultaneous dynamic mechanic and dielectric material analyses under varying mechanical loads for comparative material studies in research and quality control. Molecular mobility, transport and relaxation processes which influence the dynamic mechanical and thermal material properties can be...


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GABO ACADEMY – Inspirations, Experiences, practical concepts


At the GABO-ACADEMY engaged operators, technicians and scientists working in dynamic-mechanic-thermal analysis meet with DMTA-experts of GABO. It is open for all interested persons and users interested in GABO DMTA systems, their operation and fields of application.     The efficient and pinpointed usage of EPLEXOR® systems is a desire of all operators. The GABO-ACADEMY intensifies the exchange of relevant knowledge and experiences to gain a sound understanding of...


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GABO-Qualimeter – Consolidated Commitment to Dynamic Mechanic Analyis


Driven by a globally growing demand in Dynamic Mechanic Thermal Analysis GABO-QUALIMETER GmbH starts operations in new facilities at the traditional site in Ahlden, Germany on May 11th, 2012!     The Germany based internationally operating company is specialized on Dynamic-Mechanic-Thermal Analysis (DMTA) and continuously refines the scientific performance, the customer value of their products and their customer support in terms of service and training on the machines....


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